Monday, September 3, 2007

ER: Round Two

Let me just start by saying for the benefit of the grandmothers, Benjamin is at least.

We have a four foot concrete wall that marks off the cubbie for the garbage can. William and Benjamin were sitting on top of it. They were to slip off and run an obstacle course their friends had marked out for them. Best time wins. Cool. Dandy.

Until Big Brother loses his balance and falls off...backwards...taking Little Brother with him. William breaks his fall and catches himself. Ben goes straight back and lands on his head...hard. Drew was outside and hears the cries - (well...really the blood-curling screams). While Drew puts ice on his head and checks Ben all out, I get out the Baby-Care book (so glad I didn't get rid of that!) and read all about head injuries. Within a few minutes Ben is calm and just says it hurts a lot.

A few minutes later as Ben was coming to the table to eat supper, he says he's dizzy...not a good sign. Drew says, "Yeah...I'm taking him in."

So off they go to the Navy ER which is about 40 minutes away. (We just have clinic on base, with no ER service.) They do a CAT-Scan and declare all is fine.

Not the way we had planned to spend four and half hours on a Sunday night.

Melissa has now scared William by saying next weekend is his turn for the ER. William plans to spend all of next weekend his and sound.

Today we are hosting an office Labor Day party....hope you all enjoy a break from your labor!



Dawn said...

HEY!!! Love the BLOG. Glad to hear everyone if OK. As you can see, we are up and running again.

I will speak to you soon!!

Love you guys,


Anonymous said...

OUCH! Tell Ben we are glad that he is ok :) Anna and Grace liked the photo with the coconuts!

Mary Estelle said...

Sorry about Ben's accident. OK, now that is enough!!!
One question I have been meaning to ask----have you found a piano teacher yet? I hope they will be able to continue their lessons.

Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy