Friday, September 21, 2007

He's Trying to Kill Me

Drew is trying to kill me...I just know it....

Not long after we got settled here I started back my exercising - nothing too big, because deep down I hate to exercise. I dapple in it...just enough to say I exercise, but probably not enough to do any real good.

I would do stuff here are the house or take the kids to the parent gym where they could watch TV while I was on the treadmill or step machine. But after the kids started school I starting riding my bike instead - enjoyed the nice weather and the sunshine. And I thought I would get my money out of the bike before it rusted away in this climate (everything rusts away here).

I was quite proud of my little bike ride. I was actually doing cardio!! My doctor and heart would be please. The other day I drove my route and it measured out to be 2 miles. I was also quite please with that. I know some of you are laughing at only 2 miles, but hey! You have to start somewhere. I know some it is down hill (which I love!), but that means I have to go up hill (which I don't love).

Well....then we have today... Drew is using some more of his "use or lose" days, so he thought he would go with me on my bike ride.

After we did my 2 miles, he said, "Let's do some more".

The man is tyring to kill me.

So, we went around part of the golf course...that has lots of hills.... We go down one - nice. Then we go down the 2nd one - it's bigger and really nice. Then we go back up.

I'm tell you, he's trying to kill me. I thought I was having a heart attack. And I told Drew that. He assured me that I wasn't - that it's was just my heart beating fast - which is good, he said.

Yeah, right.

So, after a rest, we made it back up the last hills and got home...all without me having to be taken to the ER.

He's always wanted an athletic wife so now I think he's going to try to to turn me into one or die trying...only I think it's me that'll die.

Well, now I'm off to my kind of exercise: shopping.

He dives, I shop. It makes for a happy marriage.

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