Saturday, September 1, 2007

The rest of our week

We did get to go Chamorro Village Market night on Wed. For the most part is was like most market nights we've been to in other places. Lots of people selling stuff....some nice stuff, but a lot of junk. A lot of Japanese tourist were there. I did get to see a local dance studio preform a few local dances. It was a lot like the hula.

The food was good - a lot of meat-on-a-stick. The most interesting was banana lumpa. Lumpa (I maybe spelling that wrong...) is usually like an egg roll, but this is had banana in it. It was covered in something like pastry dough then fried then a sweet sauce added. It was good, but little unexpected since I think it would be like an egg roll.

They had some carnival games which the kids played and won some small items. William thought he won a green pencil....which he did, but when we got home and looked at it in the light it was green, but with Barbie on it. Melissa is now enjoying her new pencils.

Thursday and Friday we did stuff around the base and house. Friday we watched the James Bond movie that came out last year that we missed - Casino Royale. It was different...we're glad we didn't pay full price. (We really need Roger or Sean again...) Drew went diving in the afternoon. He got a little too close to the reef and was scratched up some, but had a good time - ready to go again -as usual.

Today (our Saturday) we went hiking to Pagat Caves with some people from the office. Once again it was a hike!! Hopefully tomorrow I won't be as sore as I was the other day! But it was very nice. It ended at a cave with a fresh water pool. We hiked about 30-40 minutes through the jungle. Several spots were very slippery as we had to go over rocks and coral.

The kids went too and did great! Toward the end one of the guys said - "They're like mountain goats! I was leading going as fast as I could and they were nipping at my heels!" They so take after their dad...not mom.

Afterwards we all went to eat lunch at Jeff's Pirate's Cove. It reminded me a lot of the Flora-Bama...before the hurricane.

One thing that was very interesting about the jungle was the amount of trash we saw. And I'm not talking about water bottles or chip was cars and refrigerators. We are very surprised that the Charmorros don't seem to care take of the island as much as they say they do.

All in all is was a great birthday for Drew.

We hope you all are enjoying your weekend! I know several family members are very glad that college football is back!!


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