Saturday, September 29, 2007

Week's End: Still Busy!

The rest of my week was as busy as the first part between AWANAs, swimming lessons, soccer, and MY FIRST DAY OF WORK!! YEAH!! I finally got to sub at the base school. I was in a 2nd grade class. Overall, it was good day. I had a few boys that needed (I think) to be challenged more. One boy must have had jumping beans in his pants b/c he could NOT sit down. But he know how to do the work. Several boys were obsessed over erasers. If that was my class daily, there would be NO hand-held erasers. Did you know you can build a ship with them? And do you know how upset a seven-year old boy can be when you move it?

Not a pretty sight...

Friday there was no school due to a teacher work-day so we went to Gab-Gab beach down at Navy (at the other end of the island) and went snorkeling. It was a perfect day for it. We had to "tag-team" some with Ben on the beach. He felt that the water was too rough for him. I think the rest of us are just getting use to it. Afterwards we went to the NEX (the Navy's exchange store) and I bought an underwater camera. So, next time we go snorkeling I'll take some photos of the fish we see.

I have also decided that there are no "normal" pair of jeans on this island. The NEX did have some but why anyone would pay $96 for them is beyond me. And if that was the NEX price, I hate to see what they are at the mall. I can't remember the brand...something I had never heard of before...which probably means they are the "thing" now. Thank goodness Old Navy delivers to Guam.

I also, got Drew to stop at the craft store on the way home. It's not Micheal's or AC Moore, but it carries most of what I need. And the prices are not like back at the States either...some projects will just have to wait.

Okay, Melissa W asked for the rest of the story from Tuesday's OSI wives' brunch.... Most of the other ladies have younger children so they ended up talking about potty training. I said, "Have you heard that some people are trying to train infants? What's is called? Infant something? Anyway, they must be smoking something."

Then one wive pops up and says, "It's called infant elimination and it works. I did it with all three of my girls."

Alrighty then....lets just pull the foot out of Kelley's mouth.

I told her she had more energy than I did when I had an infant. Several of the other ladies asked questions, one was very skeptical that it would have worked with her girls. I just had other things on my mind other than trying to potty train an sleep....trying to keep up with the laundry and kitchen...and my other kids.... But hey! If it worked for her, great!

(And yes, I still think she was smoking something!)

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Anonymous said...

Infant elimination? Isn't that what diapers are for? How about sanity elimination...
My foot would have been exactly where yours was!

Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy