Thursday, November 29, 2007

Where, oh, where?

Is it my Thursday night already??? Where, oh, where does the time go? I worked today - again as a Special Ed Aide (as I did on Tuesday). It was nice to be with the same kids. But I was told over the phone that I would be in 5th grade. So I wore long dark pants...not really the dress I would have worn if I had known I would be outside!! As an Sp Ed Aide I also have recess duty....and it was a hot day today, let me tell you!!!

Not the best day to wear navy blue pants.

I already know of three teachers that'll be out tomorrow so I'm sure I'll be called in. Works for me!! More money in my travel account.

Drew is real busy at work - several big things going on...and yes, I can't tell you anything about it. Not b/c I would have to kill you is you know, but b/c he didn't tell me!! He didn't want to have to kill me...he loves me that way.

Part of William's homework is to read out loud. I have had him to read to M & B Narnia. He finished the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe tonight, so hopefully this weekend we 'll watch the movie. We'll actually watch the old BBC version before we watch the new version.

My kids need lots of preparation in knowing the story line when suspense is involved.

Other than that we have no special plans for the weekend....I'm sure Drew will sleep most of the weekend with all the hours he's putting in this week.

Before I go - Happy Birthday to my mom-in-law! We thought of you today!

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Polly said...

I don't even want to think of where my week has gone. It's just one big blur! I hate this. I'm on about week 5 of this. I just know Christmas will be here and I will not have enjoyed any of it. Yuck!
BTW, the pictures of your stocking reminded me of when you would haul around your cross stitching so you could finish your's and Drew's stockings. They are all beautiful. All of your hard work was certainly worth it!

Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy