Sunday, December 23, 2007

Rota Walk

Last night we hosted the office Christmas party in conjunction with Rota Walk. It all went well - I think everyone had fun.

Rota Drive is one street over from us and is where a lot of the commanders on base live. (There were no four bedroom houses available when we got here, so that why we don't live there.). The annual Christmas event is a huge deal here. Every house is decorated with lights and other decorations. Most have a theme based on their office function or has a holiday theme (one was Jack Frost). Most houses also give out candy or some baked goods or toys.

My favorite sight of the night was a large Air Force ID card for Chris Kringle - very creative.

If a house is empty it is assigned to an office/squadron that is not represented. Drew did a fine job of avoiding the powers that be, and did NOT get assigned a house. Good job,Drew!! I'm proud of ya, babe!

I think most of the base was there - it was lot of fun walking around and visiting with friends. Melissa enjoyed it because it was the only time during the night we let her out of the back of the house! Hopefully, she didn't spread her chicken pox germs.

We ate before the walk and returned afterwards to do the gift exchange. The big hit of the gift exchange was a big bottle of Crown Royal some one (not us!) brought. We ended up with a really cool wooden-puzzle box in the shape of an elephant.

Drew said the boys did well in there program this morning at church. Us girls just stayed at the house and just laid around. Most of her spots are just about dried up, but at times she still feels bad - thank goodness we have motrin and tylenol.

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