Friday, January 4, 2008


UFOs in the quilting world are Un-Finished Objects. When Drew was gone a few weeks ago, I finally gotten mine done so I have no more UFOs - yeah!!!

The one of the left and in the center are baby quilts. The one on the right is one that Melissa and I have made together off and on over the last year or so. She loves it - and keeps it near by as she watches TV or reads on her bed. Its a good deal bigger than a baby quilt, so it perfect size for her to snuggle up in.

We are still enjoying our time off from school (we go back on Monday) and I have been working on scrap-booking. In the spring I re-did all the photos Drew and I had from our childhood up to the time we got married. In early December I re-did the ones from our first Air Force assignment in Redlands, CA. Right now I'm working on our time in New Mexico. All the photos were in the old-style sticky page albums and so I'm trying to get them in more protective albums before they fade away any more than they all ready have. I'm sure scrap-booking is very boring for some of you, but I'm having a great time!

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy