Tuesday, January 22, 2008

ER: Round Six...sort of...

Well, not exactly the ER...and yes, Grandmothers, Ben's fine - now.

Today I worked for the other art teacher. Just after my second class (which was William's class actually!) was settled in the room working, the phone ranged. It was the nurse saying she had Benjamin in her office.


Some how he got something in his eye. Even though his teacher as well as the nurse washed out he eye, he still was in pain. Nurse Karen felt that he needed to be seen to make she the cornea was not scratched.

Okay, then. Sounds serious.

While the class started to go a little wild, I called the appointment line. They tried to get a hold of the optometry clinic for me, but had to take a message. Within a short time they called back to say just bring Ben in as soon as I could and they would work us in.

After my class left I had a two hour break - and I needed it!

We were able to walk right in for his first evaluation. The doctor did have to finish up with another patient, but he got to us within a short while. He gave Ben some kind of yellow eye drops and he then flipped Ben's eye lid up and fished out the speck of sand and said he felt the cornea was fine with no damage.

It's amazing how a small speck of sand can be so painful.

After another short wait at the pharmacy for some antibiotic drops (just in case) we were back at school before my next class arrived.

Not a full ER visit...but only because we have a doctor here on this base that agrees to see walk-ins...otherwise my day would have consisted of another drive to the Navy Hospital....again...where we have so often that I'm afraid they will give me my own parking space if I go again...or investigate me for child-abuse...

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Gram said...

Same thing happened to your brother; a trip to the ER and it was a grain of sand also.

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