Sunday, January 27, 2008

Saturday Happenings

We had a great Saturday Outing. We went with the Chapel for a Dive Devotional. We had not been to one before, but heard that they were a great day on the water. As we were arriving at the marina, it start to sprinkle. Yuck. I don't mind getting wet - as long as I'm in the water, but getting wet standing/sitting around usually means I feel cold! Even though it stayed cloudy most of the time, it didn't rain much. By the end of the afternoon, it was sunny again.

We stopped at two places for the divers to go down. The 2nd place was great for snorkeling! Lots of fish. At both places as we were snorkeling we could see the divers below us - very cool.

But then there was the boat ride....not so cool. Some of you know I like to ride roller-coaster. Now it one thing to go on a roller-coaster and be tossed around - you're strapped in and you know it reltivity safe. It is quite another thing to be on a boat and be tossed about by huge (okay - probably not huge to real boaters!) waves...with no guarantee that the boat won't tip over!!

Yes, I was hanging on tightly and praying hard!

I'm very grateful that it was only rough going in and out of the harbour. Where were were snorkeling/diving it was calm.

On a sad note when we got home we had an email saying that Drew's Aunt Dottie had passed away. She is one of Sonny's sisters. She had been sick for a while. This is one of those times that we hate living so far away - when it was be so nice to be close to family and we can't.

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