Friday, January 11, 2008

That Calling Came Again

You know that call...well, if you're a mom you know that call. It's the one in the middle of the night that only you seem to hear.

Your wonderful husband does not.

He sleeps on.

Or as Drew said, "You were half-way down the hallway before I woke-up." (And did he get up then to see what was the matter or to help? No. I'm choosing to believe it's because he has total confidence in me as a mother and not because he just wants to stay in bed and sleep. Who am I kidding? The man loves sleep just about as much as he loves me.)

But back to the story....

Its' the "Mommy! Mommy! MOMMY!!!" at one o'clock in the morning.

This time it was William. He said he was hungry and can't sleep.


Okay, so off to the kitchen. Half way through the banana he said, "That wasn't it."

Yeah...ten year-olds don't usually wake up because they're hungry.

So, I set him up on the couch with lots of towels and a garbage can lined with a Hefty-Hefty-Hefty (for when he's feeling wimpy-wimpy-wimpy).

I didn't think letting him get back in his loft bed to get sick would be a good idea...heck! I don't like changing the sheets on that bed, I don't want to think about cleaning anything else up from there!

He never did get sick, but we still kept him home from school.

Just another day on Paradise.

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