Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Guam Living

I really wanted to post on Sunday, but had a hard time getting a turn in at the computer. And I really meant to post yesterday but the power went out for three hours. Ah, yes. That's Guam Living! The power use to go out a lot before we got here. Yesterday was the first time it went out for more than a few minutes. I have yet to hear of the reason.

Just another reason we feel that we live in an almost-third-world-country. The only thing that keeps Guam from being a third-world country is that it has the letters "USA" behind it's offical name.

Surely, you say, it can't be that bad??!!!

Oh, yeah...it can. Do you have chicken running wild in your nieghborhood?

And how about that cow tied up at the local dollar store? Yep, she's still there.

And my favorite: The store that fixes tires. There's place not too far from the base that fixes flat tires. There's no building. Just a lend-to by a tree. Looks like a camp from Survivor.

No lie.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious now...I want to see an picture of this tire-fixing store!

dcallan said...

I want to see the cow!


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Leaping For Joy