Saturday, February 2, 2008

Warding off Vampires

One of our best memories of living in Japan was the night we went to the Garlic House resturant with Suzi and Stan. It was one of those nights where everyone had fun from beginning to end. Of course, this night ended with all of us recking of garlic. Everything on the menu was smothered in garlic - but, boy! It was so good!

We so reck of garlic though! Even though we went into Tokyo by train, we took the military bus from the New Sanno (a military hotel in downtown Tokyo) back to the base. Before we got on the bus we scoured the hotel until we found the vending machine that sold toilteries. We bought toothpaste and toothbrushes and lots of rolaids! I think we all smelled for over 24 hours. But we just didn't care - it was that good.

So imagiane my delight last weekend when I saw a sign for a garlic resturant here in Guam!! I quickly found the address and even a review. I called my babysitter for the next available night - lat night. At first the kids whined that they didn't get go to. We've told the story of one of the cooks giving baby William a kiwi as we waited for the resturant to open all those years ago, that they wanted to tag along last night. But no...adults only!! Drew and I have long-ago learned that taking them out to eat and paying a babysitter cost the same. We opt for the sitter -makes us a much happier family!

The Garlic House in Tumon did not disappoint. Everything we had was very good -delicious even. I do not think it's equal to the Tokyo version - we are not recking of garlic nor did we as we left the resturant- but the food was great.

Afterwards we attended an show that was combination of ice skating and magic. I would have never thought to have put those two together, but some how it worked. Then we finished our date night with a walk on the beach and enjoyed all the stars that were out.

A perfect night on Paradise - even if we are not smelling of garlic.


Polly said...

So, so jealous.
Date night
Next time, keep your happiness to yourself, lady Lou!
Just kidding. I'm so happy for you that you're at a place in your life that you can get out and do things like this. Soon enough, I will too.
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Just make sure you go to the one in Tokyo when you get there!!


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