Monday, March 3, 2008

Career Week

Last week was career week at our school. During the first part of the week the school allowed the students to go to work with their parents. Ours did not go to work with Drew b/c he couldn't take them to what they really wanted to see: crime scenes and autopsy. And they're with me anyway at school! In the middle part of the week different parents came to speak in their child's room about their job. Drew spoke in all three of our kids' rooms.

It was quite funny to hear the different questions each grade had. The 5th graders really asked good and interesting questions about what type of education was required to what types of investigations Drew did. The 3rd graders were more interested in the types of investigations as well.

Then there were the 1st graders. For them it was all about the guns. What type and how big they were. The teacher finally had to say - no more gun questions!! But then they had nothing to ask.

On Friday they were to Dress for Success and dress as what they want to be when they grow up. William wore one of Drew's OSI tee-shirts. (We're not sure if he really wants to be an investigator or if it's just easy to say "I'll be whatever my dad is".) Melissa went as an art teacher. She has been saying for about three years now that she wants to teach art.

Then there was Ben. He's always said he didn't know what he wants to be. Which is fine. We tell him that he has years to decide and doesn't have to make that decision now...when he's seven! But for the first time he gave us an answer at dinner the other night:

"I think I'll be a know - something simple."

Yep...that's my boy...oh, the high-school years are gonna be fun with this kid....

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Anonymous said...

Hey, at least he picked something!
Riley wants to be what every his sister wants to be. i'm thinking 2 dentists in the family are a good thing!

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