Friday, March 14, 2008

Classic Ben

Yesterday I was at a birthday party for our neighbor and saw our piano teacher - I asked her how piano was going and she just starts laughing.

That is sooooo not a good sign!

She then proceeded to tell me about Ben...oh, yes, that younger one of mine.

While he was playing one of his songs - and playing it perfectly, no less! - he decides to tell her how he hates piano and that he's just doing this because his mom wants him to play beautiful music.

Beautiful music??? Where does he get this stuff!! I haven't said that...wish I did...I'll start saying it now...

She said it took everything she had not to laugh in his face - he is so cute now with his front teeth missing and he has this cute lisp now, too.

And then later in the day after we meet with William's baseball coach (not a good meeting - but that's another post) and listened to all the things that the boys needed for baseball, Ben asked what "cup" was. I explained that is was something you wear to protect your private parts when playing ball.

"Oh...that's a good thing -I wouldn't want my weenie to get hurt"

Weenie?? Since when have you called your private parts your "weenie"???!!!

Melissa and William: Please, just call it your private parts, Ben.

But just look at that face!! He's so cute you just want to dip him in ketchup and eat him up.

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