Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Korean Food

While I was in Korea we were able to go to a Korean restaurant. The translator of our group ordered for us.

How I wish she hadn't.

I was not impressed with the food at all. Which surprised me since I love Japanese food.
Can you guess what animal is the above picture?
Let me give you a hint: it looks like a snake and lives in the water.
We had lots of different kinds of food - from pumpkin soup to eel (cooked two different ways) to baby anchovies (they looked like worms that were looking at me!! And NO! I did not taste any of them!!) to root of a lily-pad (very sweet - but still that got spit out...nicely, of course, in diguised of a cough.)
And the best thing?
The green one can mess that up.
So, yeah....I didn't eat a lot on this trip.
And yeah - the picture above? No matter how you cook it, eel does NOT taste like chicken.

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