Thursday, April 24, 2008

All's Well

Yes, I have been a little neglectful of this blog lately...mainly because there's not much going on this week - just all the normal stuff for a family of five!

Piano is going great. Even Melissa made the comment that they are enjoying it more. I'm not entirely sure why - it is a different teaching method - with no scales! But, also, the piano in this house is in the den so it's right in the middle of everything. I think they like playing where every one can hear.

Baseball is still going on - Ben is not the baseball player, though. He likes to bat, but not to play the field. We have to yell at him a lot to pay attention to the game...he's not picking dandelions, but that's only because there aren't any! We're afraid that he's going to get hit by the ball because he's not paying attention. He like soccer where he can be in all the action.

Tomorrow I have my yearly eye check-up. I was just about ready to say yes to eye surgery, but then today there was an article on yahoo about negative outcomes and how they are not being well advertise. Makes me think twice about it! But it's not a guarantee as I would have to get it done in the States this summer and not sure if I could find a doctor to work with me long-distance. We'll see.

Well, I hear the Wii up and playing...I think I'll go and join Drew and see if I can beat him at something....anything....I wonder if there's a sewing game??

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy