Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring Break - Finally!!!

lIt's finally here - spring break! I'm not sure why it's so late in the year, but it's finally here! The boys started the break off with a sleep over at a neighbor's house -he's an only boy who has lots of "boy" stuff - My boys are in heaven there - swords, guns...all the stuff that I thought I would never let my boys play with that they play with anyway.

And they have yet to turn into ax murders.

That's a good thing.

Here it is 12:45 pm and they are still playing over there. Melissa just left on a bike ride to catch up with one of her friends. She is now very comfortable with riding by herself and knows her way around the neighborhood without getting lost.

Also, a good thing.

Last night we attended a Town Hall meeting with all the base's leaders. It was very interesting to hear all the going-ons on this base as well as what they are trying to get done in the future - when they can get the money.

They did talk some about the plane crash that happened here - it's still being cleaned up. And could take several more months to get the runway back to working order - to the tune of over 3 million dollars.

Yep - that's on top of the 1.2 billion that went up in smoke when the plane crash.

Your tax dollars at work.

To my knowledge they have not yet found the reason for the crash. I have no idea when they will. I'm sure it'll be a long process.

They also talked about the new BX that will open here in August. One thing that caught Melissa's attention was that when it opens we will have a new Baskin Robins - that will have all 31 flavors!!

Right now ours has 8...on a good day. On a bad day they only have about 4 or 5 in stock.

Oh, the joys of living on the edge of the world!

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