Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

My mother's day started at 3:30am with the alarm going off to tell us it was time to rise and shine and take Drew to the airport. He's off to meetings in the States. He'll also take a few days off to visit with some of his family (don't have too much fun without me!!)

I woke up a second time to William, Ben and Melissa bringing me breakfast in bed. I feasted on cinnamon toast and yogurt - they did a great job. Melissa had bought me a few things - a key chain, a candle - all of it was very nice.

The base chapel is closed due to some construction, so we had church in the ballroom of the golf-course house. Many of the men felt like it was a great distraction with the course right out side the windows. Since it's close to the house, we actually walked - a very nice sunny day.

We ate lunch at the food court on base - the only excitement there was a friend and her children were also there. Her husband is also out of town and, like me, didn't want to eat at the club where a brunch was being served.

Then the kids and I came home and watched a movie, The Game Plan. It was cute. After we just stayed around the house and relaxed. Later in the afternoon the neighbor boys brought over fresh-flower-home-made leis. WOW - talk about nice. They smell heavenly.

Just an all-around nice day!

I hope all of you have a great Mother's Day as well!

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Leaping For Joy