Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Hopping Adventure: 2

Today all the flights were still going to Kansas. But I did run into a lady at the commissary that is in "the know". She thought the Memphis flight was last week, so I might have missed that one. But for me to keep watching b/c she thought there would be lots of flights out during the rest of the week. Right now they are advertising a flight to HI then onto Barksdale AFB which is in Bossier City, LA (Shreveport, LA) - which would SO WORK!! And after I get to HI, there maybe other flights that would work too.

So, in the morning we'll call or go to the terminal and see what else has popped up. Right now there are only 10 seats on the Barksdale flight (and I need 4 of those), and that could change. I'm finishing up some laundry and will finishing pack all those last-minutes things and hopefully will be out of here soon!!

I'm trying to have patience - not my strong suit. The last time I hopped - ten years ago - I got impatience and got on the wrong flight and got stuck for several days. I'm trying to avoid that this time and listen to my voice of reason (that would be Drew!).

Update: Drew went by the terminal tonight. As of now there are 33 people ahead of us. The flight can hold 300, but already has at least 100 or more and will pick up that many here before they start on the list that I'm on. Pray that more seats will open and that there's room for us!!

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