Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The last few days I have been at my brother's house in West Monroe, where we grew up. He now actually owes a house in the neighborhood that we lived in - some things do come full circle, I guess. It's very odd to me to go back to WM. I guess because I've gone back so few times since Drew and I married. We spend most of our time at one of our parents' houses. As I looked around town so much has changed, but yet at the same time so much looks the same.

The neighborhood that we grew up in looks so much smaller than what I remember - the houses look closer together, smaller, the streets narrower. I'm sure part if it's because the trees are larger and taller now - things have a way of growing-up after twenty plus years.

But still it was very nice to be back. I wish I had more time there. The kids and I enjoy being with Ricky and Jenn and their girls. Especially, Melissa as she loves all things girly. Ben wasn't too happy about sleeping in a girl's room, but sleep overcame him and he survived.

Another perk of being in WM was having dinner with my childhood friend, Janean. We meet in the 2nd grade and have stayed great friends thought the years. We may go months or even over a year without speaking past birthday or Christmas cards, but then we'll get on the phone and talk for hours. That's how Monday night was - a great long gab-fest. It was wonderful!! Especially as we left kids and husbands behind and it was just us!

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy