Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Sheer Terror of if All

Sunday the kids and I drove down to the MS Gulf Coast to stay with my good friend Tracie for a few days. We had a great time! Melissa really would have liked to have played with a girl - and Tracie really did try to have a girl, but after five boys, she gave up.

And really, who can blame her. (Her boys are great to be around though...even if they don't like pink and purple!)

Two years ago Tracie made me break a promise to my kids and she did it again this week. I took my kids to Chuck E Cheese.

The hated place.

The dreaded place.

If you've never been, count your self as very, very lucky.

It's a place where kids run wild and have the best time of their lives while their parents pay lots of money to buy tokens the kids use to play games to win tickets to use to buy junk (that will break before they get back to the house!) they just can't live without.

And it's very, very noisy.

About two and half years ago when Drew was deployed I took the kids there because Melissa was invited to a birthday party there. That night I promise myself and my kids I would never take them again.

I call that day "Black Sunday"...I will spare you the details now, but it ended up with me looking for something stronger than a coke to drink.

And all I found was Jim Bean Black.

But once again Tracie talked me into it and we went. The kids had a great time! And with Tracie around I didn't have any need to go looking for a drink to survive the place.

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