Saturday, August 23, 2008

Apparently,I'm Straving My Child

Overall, I think the kids enjoyed the last week of summer...even though they probably wish for another one.

William is enjoying his soccer practice- hard and tiring though it is. And the big news is that Melissa got my first choice in teachers!! YEAH!! I can not tell you what stress this takes away. We just had such a hard year in third grade - we just could not go through anther year with a (mean) teacher we (really, really) didn't like. Ben got a teacher new to the school - which I think is better than the few I knew I would have problems with.

Then there's the other issue we dealt with this week. Ben and his weight. Or rather - he's lack of.

Earlier in the week I asked what I thought was a simple question of where he is on the growth chart and got a doctor to really dive into his records. He came out not so happy.

Long story short we're now on a plan to see if Ben can gain weight. If he can - great! If not...well, I really don't want to think of the words associate with that.

Our goals this week: 1)to enjoy the kids back in school 2) get Ben to eat more all without the other two (or Drew and I!) eating more.

Milkshake and fries anyone?


Anonymous said...

Hey Kelley!We are having the same weight issues with Abby, although I think Ben is a little older. Email me and we can trade tips!

Anonymous said...


I have a friend whose daughter has a hard time gaining weight, too. She has a milkshake everyday. I'll email my friend and see what they do.


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