Saturday, August 30, 2008


I really did mean to post yesterday! I was scrap booking last night. I was committed to finishing the pictures I had printed so I could clean up the mess it all made in my room before Drew got home.

And finish I did. And clean I did. And Did get home - so all's well here!

Of course, since he flow all night he'll spend most of the day it'll feel like he's not here except for the fact we'll have to be on the quiet side...with three kids....good thing he can sleep through most anything.

Yesterday I did get a good look at how hard it's going to be to get Ben to gain weight. He only ate his sandwich and a few bites of grapes at snack and lunch at school. After school he did drink an "ensure" drink, but because of that he wasn't hungry at supper time. He did finally eat some pudding and gold fish just before bedtime.

This is going to take a long while.

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Polly said...

I have been like a mad woman feeding A. If I get the smalled inkling he will eat, I'm handing over some kind of cracker, grapes, apples, etc. And at dinner we have made a rule he must eat at least 5 bites of what is on his plate. All of this has resulted in him being a whopping 45 pounds at his last doctor's visit. I was so proud. The dr said he was good, not great. I was feeling good about it all until I talked to a friend yesterday. Her son is 6 months older than A. At this boy's last dr visit he was 72 pounds! And the dr said he was perfect. So much for my 45 pound little man. If only it was THAT difficult for me to gain weight!

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Leaping For Joy