Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Go, Dragons!

Last night was William's first soccer game with his middle school team. He did great!! We won 11-1. We played the other military middle school on the island. William didn't get any goals in, but he played very hard. On the field he is very aggressive and doesn't let his size bother him.

And let me tell you how big some of the other kids are:

BIG!!! The team is comprised of 6th,7th, & 8th graders. So you have some 8th graders that have hit their growth spurt and are well over 5 feet.

Then you have my William.

Not well over 5 feet.

Not even 5 feet yet.

Not really close to 5 feet yet.

But he can run fast and he'll kick the ball out from anyone he can.

The only bad part of the night was that no refs showed up so we used parents. There was some discussion by the athletic director whether or not the game would count. So, we may have to re-play them at the end of the season. Which would be an interesting game to see if the other team got better over the season or not.

Go, Dragons!

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