Friday, September 19, 2008

This and That

-Tonight's soccer game for William was hard one - we lost 9-1. But this was the first goal against this team so far this season. At least we had that going for us. Afterwards, we were told our goalie wasn't feeling very well.

Yeah, that I could see. Lesson: if you're not feeling well, it may not be the best idea to play against the number one team in the league.

- Rumor has it that gas will go up 18 cents in the morning. So, yeah - we filled both cars up tonight. If the rumor is true, then we'll be paying right at $4 a gallon. I hate to see what off base it as its always been 40-50 cents higher. At least we get a warning before the prices are raised.

- I finally got out my Wii Fit. It says that I'm standing wrong...which may explain the pain in my hip.

- Japanese tourist still provide great amusement in their fashion options. Take the lady in the restaurant bathroom tonight: orange Hawaiian print shirt, blue flower print skirt, ankle socks with two-inch-high platform sandals.

I so wish I had my camera with me. She was priceless.

- I've added a link to the left side for a new Christian artist, JJ Heller. She's offering her new album FREE!!! You can just download it by clicking the link that will take you to her site. The music is nice and mellow - I think you'll enjoy it!

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy