Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just Normal

Life here has been - well...normal - for us anyway. The kids enjoyed a day off from school on Tuesday. And while most government workers also enjoyed the day off, Drew went in at about 9 and worked till about 7.

Lots to do apparently.

For the rest of the week the kids are on half days due to parent/teacher conferences. All in all they went well. I have a great relationship with Ben's teacher - especially I have subbed in her class two days. (Ben loved it, by the way - Melissa is jealous!) I also get along with Melissa's teacher - we are so very pleased we have her. Both of them are doing well, but have problems in the same area - writing neatly.

From anyone whose read any of my handwriting (or Drew's for that matter) this is no surprised.

Today I had William' was interesting. It's not called "parent/teacher", but "student lead conference". He goes over his report card with me and then goes through each class to say how he thinks he's doing in each.

Hmmm....and this is for middle-schoolers who have a tendency to be a little self-involved and delusional??

I just don't see how this is a good idea. Other than give the teachers a break.

I did have a question about one grade and his "advisory" teacher couldn't help me - other than give me an email address that I already had. And of course, that teacher was in a conference so he couldn't meet with us. ( But she must have talked to him, b/c he has since sent a corrected grade sheet for William.)

I have enjoyed these few days off from subbing. I'm actually reading a fiction book - something I haven't done since this summer. I'm reading "Kite Runner" - so far it's really good!! I've also gotten some sewing done. After I given it as a gift on Sunday, I'll post pictures of it. I also got my weekly sewing class in. My babysitter wants to learn to sew, so we meet once a week. So far she has done two tote bags. We're now on to PJ bottoms.

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