Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Promised Pictures

The week before Halloween a couple from the office hosted a costume party. When I got the invitation, I just knew that Drew would NOT want to go since we would have to go in costume.

Well, he surprised me by saying he did want to go. I knew that I could always wear one of Melissa's dress crowns and be a queen (after all she's the princess, so that makes me the queen!), but what would Drew go as??? Yes, that was the question.

He finally came up with buying a Santa hat and be Santa Claus. So, I got a hat, too and went as Mrs. Claus.

We entered with a "Ho, Ho, Ho" and I passed out candy canes. I also reminded everyone to make sure they were being nice and not naughty.

I think had anyone else had done this, the hostess would have said that's not good enough and would have brought out something very embarrassing to have them wear, but since Drew is the boss, we got away with it.

We didn't stay too - after all - who wants the boss around when you want to drink a lot and have some fun??

Besides, it was a Friday night and we (Okay, me) wanted to be home in time to see who got kicked off Survivor!

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy