Saturday, November 22, 2008

Surviving Friday

Friday was a long day...field trip with a lot of 2nd graders...mainly, it was the bus...the hour long ride in a school bus...a hot school bus... Mainly, I just wanted to go home, take some (or a lot!) of motrin and lay down on something that didn't move, but had air conditioning.

The kids had a great time - and I enjoy some of it.....just not the ride home....Next time I'll just follow along in my quiet-well air conditioned-smooth riding-car.

So, after my recovery and after dinner we watched our favorite Friday evening event: Survivior.


We normally wait until it comes on at 8 pm on TV, but decided to watch it on the compter through The kids were at the desktop while Drew and I laid on the hammock with the lap-top. By the time it was over it was dark outside and you could see the stars. It was a great way to enjoy our (okay, mine - he loves me a lot!) favorite show.

Or it was till Drew sat up and said,"Something from the tree fell on me."

I, for one, am not one to "wait and see" what it was knowing that most things that fall out of trees around here are brown tree snakes and knowing that Drew found an old snake skin in the yard the day before, I immedately jumped off the hammock.

Which made the hammock lose its balance so it dumped Drew off the other side...on his back-side.

But he was able to keep the lap-top from dropping - way to go, babe!!

The good news is that is wasn't a brown tree snake - just a grasshopper. Good thing he loves me and doesn't hold it against me that I dumped him off the hammock onto his back-side.

And the better news is that this week was one of the best Survivor's EVER! SO FUNNY.

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