Thursday, December 18, 2008


Just so you know - Thursday's a great day. Beautiful weather to boot!

We started our day off at the doctor's for Ben. This was a follow-up for his weight issue. His BMI is still about the same as it was in August when all of this got started. Although, he has lost about a pound in the last week due to a cold. The blood test they did in August were all normal, so today we had more blood drawn to check on his liver, thyroid, and white-blood-cell count. Of course, the doctor agrees with us that its just probably him being a picky eater and his DNA -not anything wrong with him, but he still wants to run all the test to be sure.

And since this is free to us - sure, why not?! (Love those Armed Forces benefits!)

And Drew was there to hold him down while they drew blood.

I went to the pharmacy to get new asthma drugs so I got to miss the drama of the lab.

Love Drew being around!

The lab tech missed the first time, so Ben did have to get stuck a 2nd time in the other arm. He went back to school all bandage up, poor guy!

It seems that our Christmas vacation has turned into "Tour of Doctors". Ben sees the nutrionalist on Monday (down at Navy Hospital) for a check-up, then on Tuesday we return to see the doctor we saw today to get the results from the test today, then on Wed Melissa goes in for an allergy check-up.

Such a nice way to spend Christmas week, don't ya think?

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