Sunday, January 25, 2009


Last night Drew & I went to see the Christian band, SONICFLOOd. (Yes, that's how they write their name.) We had so much fun!! We started out at a local restaurant with two other couples. It was not the best food we had, but we had such great company that it really didn't matter.

The concert was sponsored by a local church and it's school. Their praise band preformed first. Overall, they were just okay. They played one song that had us in stitches! They changed the words to the old Kool and the Gang's "Celebration" to make it a Christian song. At first it was odd, then strange, but by the end it was just down-right bizarre. Just not a song that makes me think of the Lord.

But I guess all things are possible.

Then SONICFLOOd came on stage - and they were just great! We were on the second row - we've learned that it's just worth paying the extra money for seat up close. We just had great time!!

Then today they were at our worship service. We had what we called a "combine service". The chapel on base has three services. One Catholic, one Protestant, and the last one is the gospel service. Today we combined with the gospel service. Their praise team and ours lead in worship, then their choir preformed several songs. After the message by one of the chaplains, SONICFLOOd did about three or four songs along the lead singer, Rick Heil, giving his testimony (as he did during the concert).

It was just a wonderful service!! With the extra singers and musicians the music was louder than normal - and I just loved it! I love it when the music seems to envelope and surround me - instead of just coming at me.

The kids on the other hand, didn't seem to know what to think.....

Afterwards, there was a luncheon for the praise teams with SONICFLOOd. Because we are good friends with the head chaplain, we were invited to the lunch as well. It was on one of the private beaches on the base, Pati Point. Good food - good fellowship!

Hopefully, SONICFLOOd will tell their fellow Christian musicians that Guam's a great place to tour - it'll be great if this leads to more Christian music events. We need Jesus out here on the edge of the world, too!

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