Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Thursday

Thursday here brings lots of sunshine and all the kids back to school. I am a little bummed that I did not get called into work today and since I can't work tomorrow due to two other commitments, that means only one day of work this week.

But that's okay, too. I still have lots to do here at the house and a few errands for AWANAs.

Speaking of AWANAs...l was worried about club last night due to a few of my new leaders changing their minds and not helping out anymore. As Drew says, "Volunteers are great - when they show up - just be happy when they do." But we were able to rearrange a few other leaders' schedules from the other groups and they now can help me out. As long as everyone shows up each week, we'll be good....but of course, I know there will be weeks when we'll be missing a few leaders - illness and work don't stay away just because I need leaders at AWANAs!!

But it's all good - the kids (mine and the ones that come - I'm now over 50!!) all have a great time - and they learn a few things about Jesus while their at it!

I'm now off to get a few errands done and hopefully, fit in a lunch date with Drew. He's been very busy at work this week - and last weekend! - and so I feel like I haven't seen much of him. He leaves Saturday for a week conference...that's managed to add a few days of diving into...too bad I can't go with him!! Any one want to come and keep my kids while I go play???!!!

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Dawn said...

If I was there, I would gladly keep you kids for you!!

wow, 50 kids. I thought having 25 girls in GA's was crazy. I will remember you next time I think my class is too loud:0)

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Leaping For Joy