Tuesday, April 7, 2009

All Things Are New Again

*** Update on Melissa at bottom******

When Melissa first got sick a few weeks ago, one of the reasons she was so upset was one of her friends was having a birthday sleep-over. Melissa cried when she realized she would have to miss it. But the friend was nice enough to send Melissa the "goodie-bag". It was more than a normal goodie-bag! The bag was really a nice purse - so cute! And inside were all things girly - nail polish, lip-gloss, and of course candy! But also there were these socks.

Nice bright socks! With toes even!! Melissa kept saying how these were the "new" socks.

Uh....darlin'....I hate to tell you this...but I had a pair when I was your age.....

(Crazy-island fever update: she was still running a low-grade fever yesterday. She has an appt in two hours and I'm demanding -much to my daughter's dismay and dislike of needles- blood work. Time to find some answers!)

***UPDATE: The doctor thinks it maybe walking pneumonia or bronchitis - both of which you can have but still have clear sounding lungs. He does not think it's mono b/c her lower lymph nodes and spleen are not swollen. We did do some blood work (for which she got rewarded with the newest addition of the American Girl Magazine! - she is a total basket case when it comes to anything to do with needles - a nurse she will not be!) and we decided to do around of antibiotics to be on the safe side, because two weeks of fever??? Time to do something!! He does NOT think it's anything "sinister". I do feel some relief - hopefully, she will as well soon.

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Dawn said...

One one hand, I hope that you find out some answers. On the other, I pray that you don't!!!
I know you follow me:0)

Keep us posted. We will be praying!!!!!

Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy