Friday, April 24, 2009

The Weekend Awaits

I just came back from a field trip with Melissa's class. We saw the movie Disney has put out about the Earth. It's really just a shorten version of the BBC's Planet Earth. Both are good and worth the money! I really enjoyed having time with just Melissa away from the house. It seems that when were home it'll all about chores and homework. Today was a great time just hanging-out with her and her friends and just enjoying her and not being distracted by all the "mommy stuff" I'm suppose to teach her!

I'm now off to Soulspring - the ladies retreat I helped plan through the Chapel. It's been months in the planning - and a lot of prayers - but I'm so glad that it's finally here! So many of us are praying that the ladies leave with a renewed sense of awe at how much Jesus loves them and a commitment to truly live for Him.

And as much as I enjoyed being with Melissa and her class this morning, I'm looking forward to a few days away with my friends and soon to be friends - and Jesus, of course! Please, for me and the other speaker that we speak what God has laid on our hearts clearly to the ladies.

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy