Friday, May 22, 2009

Music Night

Last night was a music night around here. William had his middle school end-of-the-year band concert (along with the choir). Overall, it was just "okay" - I think they did a better job at Christmas. But maybe that's because we knew most of the songs then. Last night we only recognized a few. But still - overall it was nice.

Then we came home to watch the American Idol finale. WOW. What a great show they put on! Even if you don't watch the season or care about who wins, if you like music - you'll enjoy this concert! They could have done without some of the "fluff", but any concert with Queen Latifah, Kiss, Queen, Steve Martin (who knew he could play the banjo!?), and Rod Stewart is worth watching!

Of course, it was a little disconcerting that some of these performers must be close to sixty....maybe that's why Kiss still wore their make-up - so we couldn't see who old they are!

And Rod still sounds good, but yeah....he's not looking young at all!

I was excited to see Kris win. I think the judges really wanted Adam to win, but he was just too edgy for most of America. And he just looked a little freaky at times. But it does take some balls for a guy to wear make-up and black fingernail polish.

One thing that really didn't sit right with me was how the show tried to ignore Kris' wife. At the beginning of the show, the camera showed her next to his parents, but when interviewing his parents, she was no where to be seen until a wider shoot was shown and they had moved her across the aisle. Then later she was back next to them. No wonder our divorce rate is so high when the shows we watch don't value marriage.

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