Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Weekend So Far

My weekend so far has been mostly me sitting down on the couch watching Hulu on the lap-top. I really should have at least had the laundry going...but no. Lazy, I know, but yet I really don't care.

So...what have I been watching on

The new Burn Notice...SO GOOD!!! I mean, it's really good! One of my favorite shows by far.

A brand new show -Royal Pains. Also, good. Hopefully, it'll continue being entertaining.

A few Bones. Love the humor in that show.

Another brand new show - Glee. Hated it. In fact I didn't even finish watching the whole thing. It's suppose to be like a weekly High School Musical, but it so missed the mark. The lead character's wife is as shallow as one can get. They have several teachers dealing drugs...that's just so wrong on several levels. So, I turned it off before the end. No sense is wasting anymore of my lazy time.

The Fashion Show from Bravo....typical show - much like the Project Runway it replaced, but I do for some reason enjoy it. My only bone to pick is that it's premise is real clothes for real people. The winning item each week is actually sold on line. I checked out the store - Oh, my word! Talk about some money! This week's winning item is going for over $300!! I live with several thousand real women on this base, and I doubt any of them would spent that much for a "normal dress"!! Cute though it was, but not a Target price at all - or even a BX price.

So, now that my TV watching time is coming to an end...we are off to a beach party to celebrate friends' daughter's high school graduation. Should be fun. Much more fun that watching Drew pack for another trip to HI. He'll only be gone for three days or so...but guess what we get to do in that three days?? A typhoon exercise!

Can you feel my joy? I get to bring everything we have outside - bikes, the lawn mower, the grill, our patio table and also get to shut the storm shutters.

It's going to make it seem like we like in a cave.

A very cluttered cave.


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Dawn said...

You have to do what?? How often do you have to do this??

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Leaping For Joy