Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My day started out so well...I went to the commissary and thanks to those who send me coupons because I save $14.25. Love it!

I came got several things done around the house - then I had a crazy idea to download my new music CDs onto our desk-top so I could add them to my MP3 player.

Yeah...I really should have stopped and gone to bed while I was ahead in life.

Computers are so great....WHEN. THEY. WORK. THE. WAY. THEY. ARE. SUPPOSE TO.

I have all but gotten a hammer out and hit the thing.

Why, oh, why, does one program work the freeze up on you!!?? Why can't it just be easy!!!??


I gave-up on trying to figure out why the CDs won't download to my computer. Just went on to adding to my little MP3 player some songs I bought before my trip home.

Like I said, I really should have gone to bed when I came back from my errands.

SO. I really was ready to throw the computer out the window!!

I'm now just doing it the hard way - burning my new songs to a CD, then I'll load them to my lap-top and get them to the MP3 player that way. The long and time consuming way, but at the moment it seems to be the moment.

Maybe I should just go to bed now.

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy