Sunday, September 6, 2009

More Movie Mania

It seems that last weekend and this weekend, Drew and I have watched a lot of movies. Some good - one really good - and a few not so not-so-good that I'm glad I didn't PAY for them.

Last weekend we watched two movies based on Nora Roberts' books. They were really enjoyable. I use to read a lot of her books, but then the language got on my nerves as well as some of her characters became too mystical. I like to read about real people...not little fairies. The great thing about these movies is that since they were made for TV, they were clean in the language department. Very nice.

We also watched Transformers. What a horrible movie. Half of if did not make sense. I like my stories to be logical. This was not. And the language? Nasty. So glad that I got it from the library and did not pay one red cent for it.

But the best movie last weekend was The Soloist. Jamie Foxx is amazing! It's based on a true story. It was worth paying the money to On-Demand. A journalist comes across a homeless man that has a great gift of music. It's a very touching story.

This weekend we watched Bad Company (1995 verison)from off of and Friends with Money from the library. Wow. So glad I didn't pay any money for either of them! The language? Very nasty. In fact we ended up fast-forwarding through some of them both. Avoid them at all cost.

Yesterday we watched off of On-Demand Duplicity. Now that was an enjoyable movie. It was hard at time to follow - it was one of those stories that go back-and-forth in time to tell the story. Not a great kind of movie to watch with kids running in and out. Thank goodness for pause. And rewind. Over-all it was also, enjoyable.

Now, Drew is watching Matrix Reloaded. I came in on the middle...I'm lost. I have no idea what is going on. But Drew seems to be enjoying it.

Tomorrow may just bring more movies. I have one or two more from the library....or with calm waters to come we just may go to the's calling me.

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