Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Could Have Been So Much Better

Today could have been so much better. It started off great - Bible study at the chapel. I'm in the middle of Beth Moore's Esther study. The theme is "its tough being a women". Over all I'm enjoying it. So far I haven't had a "blown away" moment, but it's very enjoyable.

Then my hard part of the day - I had to call someone out on something. Yuck. I did not do it very well. Hard feelings abound. In some ways I made things worst. But at the end of the day, I can only pray that God will work.

Another not-so-great part of the day, Drew and I went to the hospital to visit a wife from the office. The good news is that the doctor now thinks they can treat her here instead of sending her to Hawaii. Once again - we can only pray that God will work.

I did get to end my day at AWANAs. I work with the kindergartners this year - fun age!

Now? the bed is calling...time to answer it.

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Radka said...

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Leaping For Joy