Thursday, November 19, 2009

Breathing Recommended

Even with the change in my allergy medication, I'm still having problems. I slept better last night and did not wake up with an attack in the middle night, but did sneeze from the time I got up at 6:15 until about nine.

So, I broke down and called for a doctor's appointment.

Oh, feel the know that government health care??? Yeah...I have it....and you really may not want it.

When after stating that I needed an appointment for my allergies, I was asked if I had seen the doctor for this before. Oh, yeah. Many times.

"Oh, okay. Then it's considered a follow-up appointment and we have a twenty-eight day wait for those appointments."

" should I not breathe for twenty-eight days?"

" wouldn't be recommended."

Well, now...that's good to know.

Instead of using the words "follow-up" she ended up putting in some different words in her magic-schedule-computer and I have an appointment tomorrow just before lunch.

Hopefully, the doctor will also believe that breathing should be recommended.

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy