Saturday, November 14, 2009

Deep Sigh of Relief

It's been awhile since I have been so glad that a week is over as I am tonight. This has been a stressful week where I have tried my best to keep my joy. I just wanted all to go well and not to embarrass anyone - like Drew or our chapel. Two big events were planned - one at my house and one hosted by the chapel group I'm in charge of.

Drew's boss' boss - a one-star general in the Air Force came for a visit this week. Drew has spent the last few weeks not only making sure his office was looking nice and clean, but had to plan out a two day visit and tour of the island as well as meetings with various counterparts. Sometimes a husband's stress is felt by the wife. We both wanted the visit to go well. We both think a lot of this general. I have known him for about ten years and Drew longer. He's genuinely a nice guy. He pinned on Drew's last rank promotion.

The big event for me was hosting him along with all the office and spouses here at the house for dinner on Friday night.

Can you feel my stress???

But I did cut the stress way down when I made the decision to hire a maid to clean my house and a caterer to cook the meal. Life did get easier some what after that decision.

And let me just say that was one of my best decisions - E-V-E-R!

Over all, the party was nice. We were disappointed that several of the spouses did not attend....not sure why. But the house looked great, the food was delicious, and a neighbor entertained my kids - what more could I ask for???!!

Deep relief was felt when it was over though, that's for sure.

Then I had to make it through Saturday. Saturday I hosted and sponsored a motherhood conference through the ladies group I'm president of at the base chapel, PWOC. Now, this is where a lot of my stress came from.

Because it was held at the Club on base, we had to promise and pay for fifty ladies. We did not have fifty ladies sign up. Or pay. Or attend.


But the day went beautiful. The room and the tables were just so nice with a soft green table lines and my friend, Cindy, had just the right centerpieces - each table had a different theme toys. So stinking cute! One was balls and baseball gloves, one was Barbies, another was tech toys. She's very creative.

I used three DVDs of Julie Ann Barnhill. She spoke on her experience as a mother and gave some great tips of dealing with anger, how to be a "tough mother", and how to let go of the guilt that we have as mothers - as she said several times - we aren't alone and we all are messes - and that's okay! The Lord is with us and guides us.

At the end of day I was exhausted but at peace. While I wished more ladies had come out to learn about being better mothers, I do know the ladies that did attend enjoyed themselves and now know that we can only do our best....God's not asking for perfection...just to trust Him.


Polly said...

Wow, that sounds like a lot going on for one week. Glad you had a good one in the end, though.
And you were VERY wise to get help with your house and the food. You can only do so much. The last dinner party I had, I wish I had hired someone to clean my house. I just about drove everyone that knew me crazy. I loved doing the food, but the cleaning, not so much.
Do you have pictures of the centerpeices? The sound adorable.
Get some rest!

Carie said...

Bless your heart! I saw your post but didn't know what all you were doing. What an amazing woman and wife you are!

And so glad you hired help!

Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy