Saturday, December 5, 2009

Traveling: Getting to Singapore

On our way to Singapore we had a lay-over in Manila. A very long lay-over. Seven-to-eight hours were not the best, but could not have been avoided as it's the best way to get from here to there....we lived through it.

When you have such a long lay-over, you have time to look around....take things the security. Hm....let's just say that it was...well...interesting.

When they built the terminal and jet-ways, they built all the walls with glass. On one hand it was nice to be able to see all around - very nice. Even the doors were glass - very thick - heavy glass. I said security was interesting. They locked these glass doors with a chain and a pad-lock.

No. I am not kidding. A chain and a pad-lock. Really? It's 2009. You would like that they would have something more high-tech.

Then there was a the security line itself. They had you walk through the x-ray machine, then you had to step up on a wood-block to be padded down.

As I have never been arrested, I've never been padded down before. Glad I can say that I still have never been arrested but padded down?

Yeah. I have now been padded down. In public. With my family watching. At least it was by another women.

As I was sitting during our overly-long lay-over, I watched others go through the x-ray machine and step-up to the wood block to be padded down. And it was soon clear why every one was being padded down.

There was no electricity to the x-ray machine.

None at all.

As I said earlier, it's 2009. You would like that would be able to work the high-tech equipments.

If you can, I would avoid Manila Airport...and not just because you'll be padded down. It's just a crazy place. What saved us, is we did not have to go to a different terminal. Had we had to, it would have required paying an exit tax and a taxi. It's just crazy.

But if you want to be padded-down...go right ahead - get your cheap thrill!!

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