Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Rest of the Week

I worked Tuesday as well as Monday - I was in 4th grade. Because of the bomb drill none of the students were allowed to bring their backpacks home. It was a little odd on Tuesday to see no backpacks and most of the students carrying their lunches in brown or plastic bags. All in all, Tuesday was a good day of subbing. Wednesday was my normal Bible study and errands. Thursday consisted of my continuing Thursday first grade job.

Friday was a day off from the school by being a teacher work day. I took the kids to the beach. I was hoping some friends could join us, but most everyone had dentist appointments or other errands to be completed.

Friday night and Saturday we had good family time by just hanging out and playing cards with the kids.

Of course, it helped that I won both rounds of "Shanghai"....that's always a good thing! (Shanghai is a version of rummy that we have been playing since our first much. fun!! And we are thrilled that all the kids can play and are actually good at it!)

Saturday was a good day to stay in and play cards since it rained on and off, but we did go out for a family dinner.

Today was a gorgeous day in Paradise...but....sad to say, Drew worked. In fact its after 8:30 pm and he is still working. Not a great day for him.

The boys played together all day, Melissa was with friends, and I watched several good movies.

Not a bad day...just wished Drew had been able to be with us.

It looks like a good week for the first week of February. I am working two days...but not tomorrow....tomorrow is going to be filled with a few things around the house.

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy