Thursday, January 14, 2010


Friday during Benjamin's soccer game he got kicked/stepped on. Drew and I knew he was hurt but he got up and played the rest of the game. Saturday or so he said something about his foot hurting, but he didn't complain too much about it.

Then Wednesday he came home from school saying his teacher was going to email me because his foot was bothering him in class.

Oh...okay - exactly what hurts and how much? Oh. And this has been hurting since Friday and it's now Wednesday?


So, I called for an appointment, but the clinic closed early. I tried to get an appointment through the on-line system.

No luck, so I did it the old fashion way and just wanted until this morning to make the appointment.

I did have to get off work an hour early, but that wasn't too big of an issue.

So, we had the foot X-Ray-ed.

We were relieved to find no breaks.

Just swollen and pain.

This would have been our first broken bone. Let's keep our 'no broken policy' going, shall we?

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy