Saturday, February 27, 2010

A New Day

By mid-afternoon on Thursday, Day 12 of the mystery-Guam-virus, William turned a corner and started to really irritate his brother.

A sure sign of him getting better.

So. Friday his butt was sent back to school and I actually got to go to work. It'll be nice to get a pay check with at least one day of work. A pay check with lots of zeros is very depressing thing.

Ben also returned to school -he still "off" some...not his best. In fact he's still blowing horrible numbers on his 'peak flow' test and is still on his asthma meds. He'll be going back to the doctor on Monday for a check up. It was to be his yearly exam and test out new numbers for his 'peak flow' test, but we'll be doing more of a follow-up visit instead.

Last night was a 5K sponsored by the school's PTO. We all were going to participate, but the boys didn't feel like and I agree - I didn't think they were ready for that much activity. But Melissa and I had a great time! Melissa ran the 5K in about 33 minutes - pretty close to her time at the Ho Ho 5K in December. I didn't run or walk the 5K - I stayed with the one mile group - and walked with a friend. It was a lot of fun.

Today we stayed around the house most of the morning as the kids played with friends. This afternoon we did some errands then went to see the movie "The Tooth Fairy". William and Melissa really liked it. Ben? Not at all.

There was one part where people were arguing and a teen throw down and broke his guitar. Ben really got upset at that. After that he sat in my lap and said he was ready to go...he did not like it! Poor thing.

But I guess the good side of that was that he doesn't like to see families argue.

Hm....too bad he can't like...stop arguring with his sister.....

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