Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break

Spring Break has finally started for our school system. I honestly think we are the last ones on Earth to have it. And it is much needed. Yesterday was a teacher work day, but the kids enjoyed it as the first day - and it was perfect - nice and sunny.

I was able to meet my friends at the base track for our exercise time, then I went home to cook for a lunch meeting I had at the chapel. The meeting went long....much longer than it normally does, but it was productive. I went home and veggied for the rest of the day.

Until date time with my husband. We had Japanese...ooohhh - so yummy!

Today dawns nice and cloudy. With rain. Not sure what we'll do.

We did give serious thought to taking a trip this week - China!! We really wanted to give the kids the experience of standing on the Great Wall. But when we sat down and ran the numbers....and thought about what all we need to buy this summer....we decide to stay home.

We do have a few things planned....orthro check-up for William, asthma check-up for Ben.....hopefully some snorkeling at Spanish Steps or some other fabulous beach here....maybe even one night at a resort here that has a water-park.....sleeping in is also high on the list.

Mainly, just enjoying one another. We have eight and half weeks left here...Drew will be gone for five of that....then we're off!

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy