Friday, May 7, 2010

Amazing Dedication

This past Monday I attended the base's National Day of Prayer Luncheon. The Air Force Chief of Chaplains spoke - General Cecil Richardson. He has such an amazing story.

He did not become a Christian until he was in his early twenties.  Soon after, he was moving to Turkey (he was an enlisted guy at the time) for an 18 month rotation. While he was on the plane traveling there, he looked through and began to read the Bible for the first time in his life. There on that plane-ride he promised the Lord that he would read the Bible every week he was in Turkey.

When I first heard that I thought, good...a new Christian should read something in the Bible at least once a week.

Then he clarified what he meant: He would read the WHOLE Bible through each week.

And he did. Every week for 18 months (that's 72 weeks!!) he read the Bible completely.

Wow.  And I have trouble reading just a small portion every day let along 170 chapters per day.

But by doning this, he learned about the Lord and his life was changed.

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy