Wednesday, August 29, 2007

From Guam

Hey, everyone! I'm hoping this is a way for you to stay up-to-date with what all is going on with us and the kids here in Guam.

This week the kids started school. Melissa had a rough start...lots of tears on the first afternoon. But after talking with the teacher, her 2nd and 3rd days went better. Between her teacher being very strict and her voice on the stern side along with all the newness of a new school, Melissa was very overwhelmed. But as I said, the following days went much better.

The boys are doing fine - getting settled and starting to remember classmates names.

Drew is talking some time off this week - he had use-or-lose days that he needs to use by the end of September. Yesterday we went to a beach called beautiful - white sand beaches with calm blue water. The best thing about this beach are the butterflies. They are everywhere. The water was very clear for snorkeling, but as the morning went on and the tide got lower, it was hard to snorkel without hitting the coral. But over-all - well with it - so nice.

Today we went to another beach also on the northside of the island (which is where the base is). This beach (Harputo) is on a Navy base close by and you have to hike down a 300 ft. trail. Today the water was cloudy and the current rough, but the beauty of the beach and surrounding jungle made up for it. Maybe on another day the water won't be so rough. There is tropical depression passing on that side of the island that could be stirring up the current.

Tonight we are going to the Chamorro Villiage Market Night. We've heard lots of good things about it...lots of food, crafts, other vendors as well as maybe some dancers and other local things. I'll let you know how it goes!

As I said in the beginning...I'm hoping this will be a way for all our family and friends to keep up with us while we are here. Check back every few days and see what's up with us! Let us hear from you, too!! We miss all of y'all and hope some of you will come for a visit!



psang said...

Wow! Kelley, thanks for the update!

Msbet said...

Good idea; I still miss talking with you on the phone during the day tho.

msango said...

Sounds like fun. I beleive working in Guam is a little better than working in Winnsboro. We have no beach, no mountains and no real jungle (unless you consider the dealership).


sweetbuglove said...

Hey, Kelley. I'm excited to see your blog and live vicariously through you! ha, ha. I'm looking forward to seeing some great pictures. Don't forget to put pictures of you and Drew in there too! :)

Mary Estelle said...

This is a good idea, Kelley. I will be checking it every day. Glad things are getting better at school.
Question: How big is the school?
Miss you, Love, Nana & Papa

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Leaping For Joy