Thursday, August 30, 2007

Let me clarify....

When I said yesterday that we hiked 300 ft down to the beach...I really did mean hike and I really did mean 300 ft... that may not sound like much, but my thighs are saying different this morning as I was trying to get out of bed!! I really should spend more time at the gym then maybe when I hike down a side of a mountain/cliff, I will be able to move the next day!

Drew on the other had is feeling fine and dandy this morning. That's b/c he's good soldier and gets up two times a week to run with his office...I usually just roll over and go back to sleep.

Pictures...yes, this needs some clarification as well. I want to add more pictures (and yes, I'll even add some of Drew and I) but currently I'm having some problems adding them. Drew thinks/knows it's "operator error" (a.k.a.: a blond issue). I just need to figure out how to save my pictures in a smaller file so they won't take up the whole screen.

School: The school has about 900 students pre-k thru 5th grade. This is about double what we had in MD. There are 8 1st grade classes. Only 5 for 5th grade. Not sure about 3rd. I think Melissa's issues on the first day was also the size of the school. There are four building - two of which are two-stories. To us the place is huge. Ben's teacher seems very bubbly and energetic. Melissa's teacher is strict and stern, maybe she'll be nicer the year goes along. I think she'll ask a lot of them which is good. Melissa has already has homework -which I think is nice! No need to waste time! I have yet to meet William's teacher or rather teachers - he has five. They switch classes more like I did as a 5th grader than what they were doing in MD. He also already has had homework and has a test on Friday. In a few weeks there's an open house where I'll be able to meet all of them.

One of the things we are not too thrilled with about the school is that in January uniforms will be mandatory. I'm not too into far I've only seen a few kids wear them.

The biggest thing that the kids hate is there is no running at school. Not even on the playground b/c the playground is so small and they pack at least two grades in there at a time. Sort of odd that recess was made let the kids run to get rid of energy and here they can't run.

Drew is taking another day off today, but will need to go in to the office later to celebrate someones re-enlistment as well as present some awards. The kids and I will probably come and serve cake and punch.'s off to the BX and commissary (and I really should make time for the gym....)

love to all

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