Sunday, September 16, 2007

And He's Home!! YEAH!

Drew made it home from his Hawaiian conference (vacation). He said his meetings (diving, golfing, touring, shopping) went well. He enjoyed seeing several old co-workers (friends) again. He also got to see the General again. This is the same one who did his pinning-on ceremony on February. So glad he made it home safe and sound!!

The rest of the week for the kids and I went well..although soccer was cancelled yet again on Thursday. This time b/c of rain. Today a guy called to say he was William's coach - a different guy than the one we meet week before last. I'm not all sure what all goes on at the youth center, but organization is not even being attempted.

Friday was William's open house. I got to meet all the teachers, but the last one was out in the hallway b/c they missed up on the time and they had the students come back too early. I think the hardest class for him will be language arts. This teacher will be very strict on handwriting as well as the actually structure of the writing. I think this is great. It's probably his weakness, so he'll hate it, but it'll be for the best.

Melissa had a friend spent the night on Friday night and she ended up staying all day on Saturday as well. All the kids got along so was very nice! They entertained themselves while I sewed. I'll try to add a picture of all that I did last week.

Saturday evening I had a meeting at the chapel. I'm helping with a group called AWANAs. It's an organization Churches can sponsor for kids. It's sort of like vacation Bible school or Sunday school. We'll have our meetings on Wednesday nights starting this week. I'll be working with
K- 2nd grade. It should be fun.

This afternoon we went to Rititan Beach. I think this is the prettiest place on the island. The sand is so white and the butterflies are everywhere. Today the water was on the rough side, so we didn't snorkel too much. The tide was higher than when we last went, so that was nice. We saw several people standing on the reef...not very smart we thought, but they never got thrown off by a wave. They were fishing. I'm sure they were locals, so maybe they knew what they were doing. I think next time we'll go to Gab-Gab beach at the Navy base. It's a deeper bay with bigger fish. We went once, but I think now that we have a life-jacket for Ben and the other kids are more sure of themselves in the water we'll be fine there.

We came home, cooked out for dinner, Drew cut the grass, we met the new neighbors...all in all just a normal day in paradise!

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Leaping For Joy