Thursday, September 13, 2007

This and That

Here's some pictures for you!
Hasn't Melissa's face healed nicely? The doctor said we are to now keep it out of the sun and add sun-screen...apparently he forgot we live on a topical island. But what a great excuse to wear a hat!
Yes, she is not a happy camper in this picture- she was ready to go to school, not her have picture taken. And no, it wasn't raining, but she has a new purple umbrella.
The 2nd photo is of the quilt I did last week. I do still need to hand-sew part of it, but basically it's done. And no, I have no idea what I'll do with it. Now I'm working on some baby quilts. There are several ladies at church that are pregnant...hopefully at least one will have a boy since that's what I'm working on now.
I thought I had found a piano teacher for the kids. This lady lives down the street from us and her daughter is in swim with W&M. But she doesn't want to make a commitment yet - she's waiting for results from a MRI. They think she has a brain tumor.! OH! MY! Her husband is deployed till March. I'm sure he'll be able to come home if need be. Waiting is hard enough, but waiting without your spouse has got to be even harder. But sadly, that's common in the military family.
Other than Oprah and Dr. Phil, we do get all other shows and channels. I think the only channel that we don't get is the WB. Most of the channels are by satellite, but we do have two broadcasting stations here. One does NBC and CBS and the other does ABC and FOX. All shows (except for the news channels) are 14 hours delay so we see the shows a day after it comes on it the States.

That's all for today...

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